Save money on NMBF7 tickets

Join the NMBF7 Crew on Thursday, August 25 and be the first to secure NMBF7 tickets at a SWEET DISCOUNT!

NMBF7 will be held Saturday, October 1 at Villa Hispana at EXPO New Mexico from 1-6pm • Secure discounted tickets • Drink delicious Marble craft beer • Enjoy music by Outer Vibe & Siren Shipwreck • $10 LIMITED EDITION T-SHIRTS* *ARRIVE EARLY! T-Shirts WILL RUN OUT! 5-9 PM • Thursday, August 25 Marble Brewery Downtown • 111 Marble Ave. NW OUTER VIBE ~ 7-9pm: (from Rapid City, MI) SIREN SHIPWRECK ~ 5-6pm (from Madrid, NM)

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