What does it take to be a beer judge?

I was searching the internet one day trying to figure out the proper way to describe to a friend a Lambic (European Sour Ale), and I came across the Beer Judge Certification Program 2015 Style Guidelines. It is a 93 page document outlining the nuances of a couple hundred styles of beers ranging from Sweet Stouts to historical beers like the Pre-Prohibition Lager. After diving into the first few paragraphs I discovered this is not an easy read, especially after a couple tasty beers. The next day I came back to it with a clear head and a fresh pair of eyes.

Being a business owner and beer enthusiast, I immediately was interested in the mission of the style guide.

The goals of the new edition are to better address world beer styles as found in their local markets, keep pace with emerging craft beer market trends, describe historical beers now finding a following, better describe the sensory characteristics of modern brewing ingredients, take advantage of new research and references, and help competition organizers better manage the complexity of their events.

-2015 Style Guidelines

I love learning about different industries and what new products emerge from these growing markets, so I was immediately hooked and dug deeper.

Looking through the beginning of the guide, you will notice a glossary of terms relating to talking about different types of beer... which is what I originally intended to find. I read through every term but had to keep going, and I am glad I did.

Now that we are getting ready for the festival, I am more excited than ever to learn more about this amazing thing we call BEER. Now don't get me wrong, I love beer, but I don't think I have what it takes to be a legitimate beer judge.

New Mexico is one of the greatest places to live and a great place to drink the best beers in the world from one of our many fantastic breweries.

If you want to hone in your beerology and truly be ready for NMBF7, be sure to download your own copy of the 2015 Style Guidelines here:

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Kyle Malone


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